Reading Week

March 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Reading week was both awesome, and not-so-much, mostly not-so-much because i didn’t get a whole lot of reading done… typical.

First half was spent in residence here at UVic, with some slow easy going work nights (NO ONE is here!), and some game and movie nights, also saw the Kings Speech, now oscar award winner of best film, best actor and best director. It was amazing. Really cool, especially if you watch it, and then listen to the original speech on BBC Archives.

Then Jason and I sent Paul and Teegan off to Mexico with SHAVED HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!

unfortunately, facebooks

Right! UPDATE on last post, Paul and Teegan raised over $3500 for cancer research and they look amazing! (more teegs, than paul, hehe)

Then Jason and I were whisked away via greyhound to PARKSVILLE! We met there 2 years ago and have some Fabulously creative and soulful frends up there, so we stayed with Anita and Mehdi, two well traveled art therapists who are really involved in the Youth community. Their three sons are around our age and they DJ, spin fire, cook, write songs and poetry, are in bands… being around this family inspires me to get creative follow inspirations, take it slow, and not conform to ideals and norms about education and jobs. Definitely a well waited for trip and we were there in time to volunteer at a DJ rave, put on by Anita, Mehdi, their boys and the other amazing parksvillians (Mariah, Andy, Owen, Bradley, Riley, Seth, Hannah, Jocelyn and so many more beautiful people!)

At their house we were filled with good food and many hugs…. REALLY GOOD HUGS! oh i’ve wanted those hugs for so long, just really meaningful long, non-awkward hugs filled with head rubs massages and cuddling all at once. (special thanks to RILEY!)

some downsides were that the dance felt too much like my job, filled with underage intoxicated people that we need to keep under control and club music that im not yet used to.

Also, from the fatigue of last night, and also from forgetting to take my depression pills in Parksville from getting caught up in the fun, I broke down one morning, starting out grumpy then when pointed out by others, breaking down under pressure and embarrassment. Fortunately between having Jason with me and two cats to cuddle and tea, I was okay but it does make me mad when i break down in such happy places.

Well, now its back to school, with some luck this will be a more dedicated, devoted month of school work AND… 30 days of HOT YOGA!

Yay! looking forward to it!


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