UVic Quidditch 2011

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last year the harry potter sega was ending and while wrapping up the HP decade searching on the internet, and re reading the series as a comfort book in depression, I discovered a thing called the International Quidditch Association. (IQA) Working in university residence, I organized a quidditch match for the Harry Potter 7 release weekend. Good fun, we thought. And the UVic Quidditch club was born.

The winter semester of 2011 was fun, and sad. We played every weekend, but would sometimes only get 8 people to come. We didn’t hang out outside of the club, but got muddy in the rain and that satisfied us.

Over the summer I filled out forms for us to become an Official IQA team, and to go to the World Cup in new york. even though we had only had minimal participation, and many would not be returning. First week back to Victoria we held a meeting. I think 6 people showed up, but we planned for an overhaul of the club.

2 Clubs days, Orientation day, Presidents day, and Thunderfest passed with maximum quidditch matches with participation from passerbys. We got a large following to come to our Rookie night – Dressup scavanger hunt downtown, waffles and then drinking dancing and games. I realized the breadth of dedication and difference in social atmosphere when a team of 30 players showed up the next day, even though half were hungover.

We got groundswell then, and by practicing in the middle of campus in the midle of the day we got tv, radio and newspaper coverage. As each deadline for the World cup passed we had to make split second decisions on who was going, where we were staying, how we were getting there. It cost a whole lot of buckareenos but the general consensus was that if we had to take out a bank loan or lend eachother money we would make sure we got there, it would be worth it. and it was. Before we left we had started studying as a group, pulling all-nighters, watching movies, trivia pub nights, we did everything as a team, we were beginning to play as one too, even though our 2 practices a week and desire to try our best started to pit strain on our bodies.

Martlet Newspaper

We left nov 9, as our reading break started. We started at Trivia night at the pub, then caught the last bus out of campus to the airport which we had to run to as the guards were closing doors at midnight, Hanging around there forever we eventually made it out at 5 am, to toronto, and New York City.

Our games we lost, but with review of strategy, watching other teams games, and advice from other teams, we got better each game. We had had a long group meeting the friday night before the cup and we were in this no longer as a team, but as a family. It was incredible the change of attitudes that happened that weekend. Blood, sweat and tears. Smiles, Laughter and incredulity.

We came home victorious in our hearts and a change of viewpoint towards the game, our players began thinking of quidditch as something to get better at, something to spread to other schools, and something personal to us.


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