How Well Have I Done?

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 October 2009 – January 2011 – July 29 2013 (early rehash, actual date will be October)

1. Live in Montreal for awhile
2. Become accepted to a school outside of calgary
3. move out.
4. Look and act and feel how i want 
5. Write a song and record it
6. Write to my friends snail mail style  
7. work for a cause that i care about. Bridge Foundation last year and CLing. There are many more to pursue of course and i'll get more specific now.
8.celebrate the toast traditon on New Years.  4 years running! raw for a month
10.make a list of 100 good things that have happened to me
11. Ride a motercycle
12. learn one respectable dance routine
13. donate blood regularly
14. take a road trip across Canada. May-June 2010 Victoria BC to Trois-Rivieres Quebec with Morgan.
15.learn to longboard.
16. Sleep in a hammock
17. leave something beautiful in a public space.
18. Go outdoor Rock climbing.
19. Go kiteboarding.
20. Learn sign language
21. go to the opera.
22.geocache more
23.paint a mural
24. Get Strong and nimble like a ninja
25. visit Europe
26. Live off of small love gestures every day
27.drink tea every day for a month
28. Live without money on my own for a month
29. Learn a complete song in french
30. knit something wearable.
31. Go camping on my parents island
32.celebrate the holidays of every religion.
33. volunteer on a farm
34. travel for three months with one bag May-July 2010
35. be active in an environmental organization
36. volunteer actively.
37. Run each day for a month
38. read books my mom recommends
39. Stand up to my mom about things i don't agree with her. ( done Aug 3rd )
40.on my friends birthday, treat them to chocolate at every meal.
41. nap in a tree
42.Live in a yurt for at least a month
43.spend a day blindfolded.
44. learn german poetry
45. learn to read music (again).
46. Play an actual songs on the piano for free ice cream.
47. learn origami by heart.
48. do more yoga.
49.have a wardrobe consisting only of materials I’ve got secondhand or for free. 
50. have themed dinners
51.compose a (real) song.
52. eat vegan for a year. revised to PROPERLY vegan for a year. I've been a vegan for 2 years now but thereve been many slip ups and difficulties
53.write more letters
54. join a band again
55. Make a quilt to give to a friend
56.Perform poi.
57.  visit every province and territory in Canada - 5 done
58.improve my French - Explore program accomplished July 2010, still working on fluency
59. learn more about plants and survival skills
60. become an enviro teacher to youth
61. start a tam tams group
62. perform at steeps (Steeps Shut Down :( )
63.create a youth enviro group
64. Do Canada World Youth
65. Human services diploma?
66.General Studies diploma?
67.Global Stewardship diploma?
68. Live on Vancouver Island August 2010
69. Get a degree.
70. Go ocean kayaking
71. Go backpacking
72. Learn to hoop!
73. paint something each month or two.
74. blog every day for a year
75. pay off student loan or Visa
76. sail in the pacific ocean
77. read all the books on BBC's top 100 booklist 
78. Run a marathon/Triatholon
79. Increase my vocabulary - Use one new word a day
80. Write a poem I'm proud of and read it at a poetry night
81. Take more pictures - own a good camera and take it everywhere. Create scrapbooks and albums
82. Learn my grandfathers history
83. Increase my Safety Certifications
84. Be an english language assistant in France for 7 months :D 
85. Go to university in another country on exchange
86. Bake a cake for someones birthday
87. get a scholarship
88. Work at Camp Tamarack
89. get dreads
90. See the northern lights
91. Sleep in a teepee
92. Have shoulder surgery. ouchy shoulder.
93. Hike around Lake Louise
94. Cross-country ski in Canmore
95. See Chaps (the only katimavicker i havent seen since we did the program)
96. live with a cat again.
97. redfish environment school program
98. Learn a proper tai chi form to do while drinking chai tea
99. Have a Katimavik Reunion
100. Hang out with my sister more
101. Feel accomplishment after 1001 days!

7 Months later

July 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Twice I have tried to do a 101 things to do in 1001 days list. It is supposed to bring you accomplishment by knowing that at least you completed SOME thing on the list. This list is actually kind of disappointing. With anxiety and depression, making goals that you want very much, and not seeing them completed, often due to stressing over these goals through personal limitations, is just awful. 
So I am going to do two things, 

1. Look over my past list, cross out what I have finished. and then discard it from my goals.

2. Make a new 101 things in 1001 days, with simple, reasonable goals. 

The challenge will be choosing what is ‘reasonable’ to me, but i’ll give’r a go.

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