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April 7, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s been a hell of a time. I spent the last three years in Calgary being with my family in a difficult time. In Calgary I had 6 more months to see my Grandma before she passed away and a year and a half more with my older sister before she passed away. While both grieving and supporting my family we heard of many more close family and friends getting cancer and passing away and in December we attended a funeral service for my sister in laws brother who was only just my age.

In Calgary I had a decent job and was very close to my family, I learned to appreciate the growth Calgary is experiencing with new cultural events, festivals, arts and culture, and the vast outdoor culture there for cycling, hiking, water and snow sports in the city and mountains.

But I had to get out of there. Since graduating high school, and experiencing what the world has to offer I got depression when I was around 19 and guess what? It doesn’t go away. It’s a roller coaster of ups and downs that seem to go away sometimes when you get everything under control but then it all comes back. So I quit my job and moved back to Victoria. I’m making life goals like ‘go back to school and finish your degree’ ‘get out debt, get a job’ ‘travel the world, get in shape, go on adventures’ which are all very daunting but screw it.

Step 1: find some cash to fund a roadtrip to ontario (now gotta find more cash as it turns out boyfriend and I are more in debt than we thought)

Step 2: Hike the West Coast Trail cuz dammit that looks good.

Step 3: Roadtrip to ontario. Visit Family. See the country

Step 4: Work a CISV Village camp. (a summer camp for worldwide 11 year olds coming together to make friends and build peace). Maybe get some reimbursement for my time.

Step 5: Drive back, stopping in Calgary to see new baby niece or nephew.

Step 6: Go back to school. Maybe in 5 years you’ll have a degree. Hopefully you can handle it this time?

I’ve had this plan in my head for awhile now, well, not really actually i suppose really just since like February 1st. But the whole move back to Victoria and finish your degree and been planted since I first dropped out 4 years ago. My parents and boyfriends parents and families don’t really support this because

a) we’re skint broke, living with boyfriends parents and haven’t had jobs in awhile. Also I have no way to pay for school….

b) our mental stability hasn’t been awesome lately. So maybe everyday has some crying or panicking in it. Sleep hasn’t been great and things are all over the place. I can deal.


I’ve decided that against all odds I can do whatever the fuck I want. So let the adventure begin! This is really mostly my journal anyway so there’ll be some emotional entries, some looking back. Some lessons being learnt and way too much personal information.



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